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The annual mid-autumn festival also known as moon cake festival or lantern festival falls on Sept 15, 2016.  As the second grandest traditional holidays in China after Chinese New Year in significance, the festivity is well observed in regions that rooted in Chinese culture which covers not only the land of China but throughout Asia countries and Overseas Chinese Communities.

 Just like on other holidays, people give gifts to each other to express their gratitude and build relationship with their friends or business associates, mid-autumn festival is also an important occasion for people to exchange presents, giving blessings and family members get together for reunion. Mooncake is the special food of the festival and eating mooncake while watching the round bright moon on the festival day is one of the most important festivities performed to celebrate the holiday. Since the moon cake is such an important character for the event, giving a gift containing one or a few this sweet desert is obviously the best choice when sending a mid-autumn festival presents. The moon cake can be sent alone without other gifts, in this case, the it should be packed in a very nice metallic box or a sturdy carton box decorated with mid-autumn elements and themes. The more popular choice, however, is to send a gift combo that paired the moon cake with other delicacies such as chocolates, cookies, gourmet snacks to make the gift more valuable and presentable. Fruits and wine is also considered a traditional mid-autumn gift, here at YSG, you can find array of gift baskets which are all specially designed for this mid-autumn festival. 

By Linda
August 27, 2016