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Chinese New Year Cuisine


Chinese New Year is the most significant annual holiday in China and Chinese communities in other countries. No matter who you are, where you live and what do you do, every Chinese person will or wish to celebrate this grandest holiday on earth with their families and loved ones.  There are a lot of festivities involved in CNY, one of the most important one is to have a reunion dinner with family members on CNY eve. For most Chinese, CNY eve dinner probably the biggest and grandest meal for a whole year.  So what are those dishes that is popular for the CNY dinner table and why they served as an auspicious food for the holiday, here we take a look:


Whole Fish-Fish sounded like “surplus “or “abundance” in Chinese word, when you serve fish, it should be from head to tail intact, representing good luck and abundance in the coming year.


Jiaozi-A kind of Chinese traditional food, also called dumplings, is a very popular food among North China, almost everyone in there eat Jiaozhi on New Year Eve believing it can bring prosperity for a whole year.


Nian Gao-Niao gao is a kind of rice cake, the pronunciation of Chinese word ”gao” sound like “high”, hence the sweet dessert symbolize achieving new heights in the coming year.


There are a lot more dishes on New Year Eve table, includes pork, chicken, duck, beef, variety of vegetables and even hot pot, all cooked with sophisticated techniques and take a long time and process to prepare for each ingredients to make sure what serves is the best of all, after all, this is the biggest dinner once a year for most families. so when the time comes, the dinner table is full of all kinds of tasty dishes that the only thing you will regret is your stomach is not big enoughJ


Wines and liquors are also a must for the feast, so a premium wine or liquor gift will surely enhance any new year’s eve dinner.


Jan 23, 2017