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Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of three major festival in China, the other two festivals are Duanwu Festival and Chinese Spring Festival. As a main holiday in China, people buy and send gifts to each other, the key elements of course is the mooncake, most gifts people send include mooncake, this tradition has last for thousand years and passed down from old chinses ancestors. There are many kinds of mooncake with different fillings inside, there are red bean mooncake, meat mooncake, Lianrong mooncake, and so on…each kind has different flavor. In the old days, the nooncake is very cheap in price, but nowadays, the mooncake gift becomes more and more expensive, some of them cost up to several hundred Yuan, and ordinary people seldom buy them, mostly it is for corporate buyer to consume. Certainly, as the days goes by, more and more people are considering buy other kinds of gifts instead of traditional mooncake, they want to send something more fashionable and more beautiful. So these people choose to buy gift baskets to send to their friends or customers. The gift baskets are not as common as mooncake, it becomes more recognized especially among young people. They usually but food gift baskets in the holiday, some buy wine gift baskets and some buy fruit baskets. Some of these baskets also can contain a mooncake if clients requires.

Written by Tony Jiang at Yongs Gift

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