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Thanks-giving Day in China


As the thanks-giving day is coming,  a lot of people is preparing gift for this special day to say thanks to their grateful person. In china, we have no concept of thanks-giving day until recent years many westwe holidays had become popular in China like April 1 Day, Halloween and thanks-giving day. We know, in Western countries, the symbol of thank-giving day is to eat turkeys, but in China, few people eat turkey and most people don’t even know what turkey is.  For us Chinese, the most important thing to do in Thanks-giving day is to send our greetings and gifts to those that we want to say thanks to. What should be the gifts that can express your thanks? Sometimes sending an elegant card is enough, but most of times we should send something with medium value to our clients or business partners, a wine or bountiful gourmet  gift basket could be the best gifts as they are not either too expensive but also with some decent value, everyone should like it.

Written by Lim
Yongs Gift Staff