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Tips: How to choose a food gift basket to send to Chinese?

Due to different food culture between the East and the West, a food gift basket sending to a Chinese may have different food contents than those sending to a western.  

1. Cheese Product

Chinese and most Eastern Asia people don’t eat or eat very little cheese. Unlike in Western counties, cheese is a main diary food in daily life, Chinese have no tradition of eating cheese, and cheese isn't popular in Korea, Japan, Thailand, or Vietnam, either. 

2. Oliver Oil

Why Oliver oil is a decent gift in China? 
Imported food are often regarded as premium gifts in China, so is imported oilve oil. China is estimated to be the biggest importer for olive oil in 2012; the most important reason is its fame of health oil. In China, olive oil is widely regarded as health oil and concept of health food product is a traditional advantage of imported food product in China. Health imported oil like olive oil is usually better packed with relatively high price which makes it a perfect choice of a gift.

3. Coffee

Although tea is still a main daily beverage in China, more and more Chinese young generations have started to enjoy coffee that is added with milk and sugar, that’s why 90% Chinese coffee drinkers only drink instant coffee.