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"Dear Sir,Thank you for your excellent and prompt service. I am from Singapore and I order some flowers on Saturday evening at 6.30 pm and you still managed to send to recipient on Sunday. Great services!"  Lester P from Singapore-May 24, 2018

"The flower delivered to my mom looks beautiful, thank you for your arrangement,will order again from you for next Mother’s Day. "  May 15,2018 Chan from US

“Yongs Gift is great both on item they are selling and the service they provide. I was especially impressed by their unrivalled service standard. I recently ordered from them for a gift to send to my family in South Korea. I mistakenly filled an invalid telephone number for the recipient, and I did not know it until I was contacted by YS on the phone. I did not expected them to call me as it is an international call, and they have to reach me several times (I did not answer the phone first few times because I took them as spam calls) at their after-work hours because of time difference between two regions. Apart from that, before they made a call to me, they also sent me three emails and texted me twice trying to get hold of me, which unfortunately all failed as I did not check my emails and ALSO missed the texts somehow. Thanks to their persistence to pursue me, they got the correct number in time and have the gift delivered just on the right day. I will continue to use their service, with the work sprit they have, I believe they truly care about their customers, and willing to put their 100% effort to make their customers satisfied and delighted.” Ms. Carol from Canada-May 6, 2018

"Thank you for the speedy delivery, your service is impressive. "Angela D from Canada. March 27, 2018

"Dear YSG team,

It is pleasure to work with your company, you are very professional and patient on customer, even though I did not see the actual items you delivered to the recipient, from the expertise you showed, I can imagine the products must be same impressive as the service you offered. Thanks."A satisfied customer from Malaysia-Feb 28,2018

"Than you for your service. My partner speaks highly of your products. I will use your service again in future. Happy New Year! "Majid from UAE-Feb 12,2018

"Excellent service, solved my problem in a few minutes, really appreciate it" Jane G from USA-Jan 29,2018

你们好。日本的客户收到了圣诞礼物, 虽然 比要求的时间提早了一天送到, 但是没关系,你们提供的产品性价比高, 收礼人满意,我们也开心。谢谢你们的服务,明年有机会再合作。也祝你们越来越好。”Mr.Wu from China-Dec 28, 2017

My Taiwanese friends received the Christmas gifts yesterday, they loved it, thank you very much." Viktor from Sweden-Dec 16, 2017

"Very quick delivery and lovely stuff, I love your service" Zhang's From US-Nov 28,2017  "

Hi I recently ordered this How Sweet It Is gift basket from California for my daughter who is working in Hong Kong at present. It was such a good choice and I would like to say the presentation, value, delivery time and tracking was fabulous. I think I will be sending another one for Christmas. Warm Regards"  Richard S from USA-Nov 14,2017

"Dear Yongs Gifts,
We recently ordered a gift to be delivered to our daughter, this order was delivered to her on her birthday and was everything we expected. Thank you very much for your good service and also good value. We will definitely be using your service again. Thank you, thank you.Very best regards,"Mike M. From Australia-Oct 23, 2017

"Thank you for the speedy delivery, I will order again in the furture."
Mr.Zhao from China-Oct 1, 2017

"This is my first order with you and I was so impressed by your prompt service as well as the great value gifts delivered to my Mom. My mum was really pleased with your presentation. Because I live in New Zealand I send gifts home to the Indonesia. And I have been a bit disappointed with what I have paid for so thank you again for making my mums day. “ Faizal from New Zealand-August 2, 2017

" The service is excellent, prompt, attentive and professional. I recommend using this site for reliable birthday gifts" Anderson W from UK-July 17,2017

"My first time using this company and I have been totally impressed in every way. Fantastic selection of unusual gifts - a no nonsense order system - prompt delivery too. "  Ms Kim from US -July 15,2017 

“Hey, there, Just a quick note to say thank you, the recipient loves the gift. ”Christina Y from Canada-June 19,2017

"韩国的朋友今天收到礼物了,和网上的描述一致,物超所值,谢谢你们的安排也非常幸运找到你们这样一个平台。" Ms Zhou from China-May 24,2017

“The gift is delivered on time and nicely arranged, thanks, the receiver loves it.”Charlotte from New Zealand-May 15. 2017

"Thank you for the prompt delivery of my fruit and flower basket for my mom.   My mom was so happy, she said the fruit and flower are very high quality.   I really glad to find your website.   I am sure your shop will be my go to website for Taiwan gift delivery from now on.   Thanks!!"   Susan C from USA-May 14, 2017

"Thank you for your swift response. She has confirmed with me about this. Thank you for sending it promptly. I always rely on this company for sending gifts and it has not disappointed me so far :) " Yi Y from USA-May 9, 2017

"My friend recommended me Yongs Gift , I am glad I had chosen them. Before I placed my order,I already searched quite while on internet for the service, however, it does not have many choices for the region where the gift is sending to, some services do not even have a phone number, which to me it’s quite weird, means if there any problem with the order, I can’t reach them for a solution.I decided to call YSG, one of their reprehensives (I later know her name is Tracy) spoke with me on the phone very politely and in a professional manner, she answered my questions in details such as how the gift will be wrapped, how long does it takes to deliver to the city of the recipient, if I can get a notification once is delivered and etc, after knowing all these facts, my concerns have eased and I believe they will do a good job. Two days later, instead of getting a delivery notification from YS (they sent me the confirmation one day later) the recipient emailed me when he received the gift, and compliment the gift for the quality. I will use them again, no doubt."  Widjan from UAE  April 11,2017

"Yongs Gift, a real one-stop shop for creative gift solutions, whatever gift I need to send , I find a perfect gift at here, highly recommend!" April 10, 2017
Keira from Australia.

"Wonderful products, wonderful service, will come again" Ekaterina from Russia March 20, 2017

 "Thank you so much! Great service I really appreciate it and I shall definitely leave a great review and order from you again. " Danyal R from UK-Feb 16, 2017

“You did a great job on my order for the Valentine’s Day delivery, It turned out even more beautiful than photo! Thank you.”Jason W from US-Feb 16, 2017

"Thank you, my friends received your hampers for Chinese New Year, thank you for delivering them on time."Peter Lim from Singapore-Jan 23, 2017

“I ordered  8 gift baskets for Christmas delivery, 2 for China, 4 for Japan and 2 for South Korea, they were all arrived in time on the date I requested, what an efficient service! Despite different delivery destinations, the gifts delivered were all in same high quality and praised by the persons who received it. Yongs Gifts is a truly reliable company you can trust to send holiday gifts to East Asia.”

Ms Hsu from Hong Kong-Dec 29,2016


My son received the Christmas basket today, it looks very nice, thank you very much for your service."  David C from US-Dec 15, 2016

"Dear Ys Gift,
Thanks you for contacting me twice about the error on the address and phone number(sorry, I did not read your email until today), the receiver will call you later this afternoon to update the info with you. Your service is prompt and impressive."  Minako from Japan-Dec 13, 2016

"Thanks for your excellent service. The recipient was very happy to receive the roses with the card. Good job!"  B Ekelund from Sweden-Nov 11,2016

"I must say that I am very wary of ordering over the internet, especially from another country, but I found your service to be excellent. The recipient told me they have never seen anything like it before - I am so glad that it was novel to them. With being a long distance apart it is very difficult to find something they have never had. Thank you for a great service and I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other people.” Wendy from NZ-Nov 3, 2016

“The flower and cake all both arrived at same time with perfect condition, it was a birthday gift for my mother’s 60’s birthday, my mom was very delighted when she received this, thank you, I will come again next time.”Jianzhou Y from China-Oct 23, 2016

"Thanks so much for your brilliant and efficient service."
Damian W from South Africa-Sept 24, 2016

"My online order was placed on 28 August 2016 at 10:30 am local time. The flowers were delivered to my friend in Beijing at approximately 2:00 pm, amazingly quick! The recipient said the pink roses were fresh and beautiful, and were delivered to her workplace without any problems. A special thank you is extended to Vivian Jiang for her timely follow-up telephone call to confirm the order details. You can be assured I will use your company in the future. You made two people very happy!"
Dario from Italy-Sept 1,2016

"Love your website by the way, stands out from many of your competitors.

Excellent service too, our client has just sent a lovely thank you email.

We will certainly be back soon."
Jenn B-July 4, 2016

"Excellent service easy to use site very quick to find what I wanted and place order 
and order arrived on time very well packed."
Brian from UK-June 5, 2016

"Ordering was very easy and a very smooth transaction."
Tamara C from Canada-April 30, 2016 

" My daughter received her lovely gift this morning, everything is fine, thank you."
Arthur M from US-March 25, 2016

"Dear YSG,
My girlfriend received the 99 red rose yesterday, she was so happy, the flower is stunning beautiful and fragrant too, thanks for your excellent service!"

D. Fang from USA-Feb 15, 2016

 "I would like to thank you for the excellent service provided. The CNY hampers are really beautiful and much appreciated by the recipients The process, really, was painless 
Once again, many thanks"   
Barbara J from UK-Feb 4, 2016 

“I just wanted to let you know that the basket you sent to my friend in Tokyo Japan was awesome!  My friend said she hadn’t seen one as beautiful as yours.  I appreciate your good taste and the personal touch that you give to your business. That is sometimes lacking.   Thanks again and I hope to do business with you again.” 
Mark S.from US-Jan 2, 2016

 "My Christmas Surprise hamper arrived safely today. You have exceeded my expectations in just about every way. Your web site is one of the easiest to navigate, exceptional quality, which extends into the product. The hamper looks jolly good value for money and will make a superb gift for my partners family, the teddy will be for their little girl. 
Thanks also for the "Tracking" system, which I think is a valuable tool for us customers. 
Well done all round and thank you."  
Danni J from Australia-Dec 22, 2015

“"Just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was ordering from you. I was browsing through the internet looking for "gift to Japan" and you had one that was just about perfect. Not knowing anything about your company, I was a little nervous but that didn't last. My order turned out to be a lot of fun. AND best of all, I got an e-mail from you after delivery. I didn't get to see the package, but the recipient called right after she received it and said it was beautiful. Thank you so much!!"” 
Valerie M from Canada-Dec 21, 2015

"Parcel has just been received by my son and dauther-in-law. Such
a lovely way to send a Christmas gift across the world.Thank you so much."

Neale G from Australia-Dec 18, 2015

“YS GIFT is the best gift company I have ever used to send gift to China and Japan! I have used a few other companies over the years in my business dealings and have been less than thrilled with the cheap contents and cheesy presentations. Sometimes, I found out afterwards that the gift basket that some of my clients received were so bad that I think they considered it more of an insult than a gift! The first time I sent YS gifts to my clients in China and Japan, they “wowed”I want that reaction from all of my clients!”
Melany M. from US-Dec 17, 2015

"Compared with those websites that transfer your orders to other people to fulfill, I was more confident shopping with Yongs Gift, they make every gift basket and deliver it themselves, so I know the quality would be no problem.  " 
Teresa C. from Sigapore-Sep 2, 2015

"I really like the variety of baskets you provide and appreciate the fact that you can ship at such short notice. They will make great gifts all year long."
Connor M from Australia-June 14, 2015 

"To  Yongs Gift Staff,

我女朋友上午收到花了,对你们的服务感到非常满意, 价钱也非常优惠,物超所值!

My girlfriend got the flower this morning. I was very satisfied with your service. It was also a good value for money!"
JunLI From Canada-June 4, 2015

"I must say your products are of greatest value, I used to buy flowers at double price on a overseas gift website, I hope the quality is also good."
Kim from Korea-March 4, 2015

"The order was delivered to my son on time for his 25th birthday, both the flower and gift basket look fabulous. I like your service."
Donna B from USA-Jan 12, 2015 

"Thank you for your help for delivering the new year hampers timely, my clients like them, will continue working with you next time."
 Lim A from Sigapore-Jan 5, 2015

"We have been working with Yongs Gift for sending gifts to our customers in Hong Kong for past 4 years. The reason we choose them is: 1) the price is very reasonable and affordable, they sell the same price at their physical stores. 2) largest selections, whatever your gifting needs is, you can find a suitable gift from them; 3) The staff are friendly and patient; 4)  the most important, the quality of the gifts and baskets are always in the highest standard."
Wu F. from China-Jan 3, 2015

"The gift was for my mother’s 60’s Birthday, I am happy she loves it, thank you!"
Huajiang Z. from USA-Jan 2, 2015

"Thank you so much.

The gift was lovely and really special! I'd love to leave a review online!"
Natasha G.from UK-Jan 2, 2015 

"Thank you all of you at Yongs Gift to make the gift arrive on time for Christmas. I made a rush ordered late 24th, and asked to deliver on 25th, you just made it. Will buy from you next time."
Christina from China-Dec 26, 2014

 "Hi, my friend in Hong Kong received the gift this morning, she enjoys the goodies, thank you."
Dongmei W from UK-Dec 24, 2014

"I've used this company several times and they perform fantastically without a hitch. They answer their phone courteously - they deliver when promised and I've never had anything but great compliments from the recipients. It's a no brainer to use them anytime I need something that they sell."
Randy L. from US-Dec 23, 2014

The hampers are beautiful as described, thanks for your timely delivery for Christmas.
E. Koh form Singapore-Dec 23, 2014

"Dear Yong’s Gifts,

Thank You so much for providing a great product and perfect service.  I will be ordering more in the future. 

Again, Thank You. "
Chris K. from USA-Dec 20, 2014

"Compared many flower shops on internnet, I was happy I choosed you. The 99 pink rose bouquet was stunning beautiful. My girlfriend loves it very much. I will buy again for her next birthday."
Hampus from Sweden-Nov 19, 2014

"Purchased the gift on Wednesday and it was delivered as promised Friday. My son loved it. I like the ability to track the delivery."
John H from USA-Nov 15, 2014

"All moon festival hampers were well received, our customers like them. Thank you." 
A. Leung from Hong Kong-Oct 22, 2014

 "We have bought YONGS Gift Baskets as company gifts for many years. Our customers continually comment on the overflowing, delicious baskets. It is such a convenient and easy online or over the email ordering process with a beautiful result, we would not order anywhere else!"
Susan S. from Canada-Oct 3, 2014

We bought a number of Holiday gift baskets for our offices in Hong Kong and Japan. We were very pleased with the effort they take to make the gifts unique and beautiful and all the baskets were delivered on time. 
Greed E. from Australia-Oct 1, 2014

"Thank you for the excellent service with delivery 'on time' - a lovely surprise gift for the recipient.


Pamela G. from UK-August 10, 2014

"Thanks for your excellent service, my father received the wine gift on Father’s Day. He was very happy. I love you guys!"
Jack H. from Australia-June 17, 2014

"Father's Day gift arrived early morning yesterday, thank you for your timly delivery. Will buy again next year. "
Yuanyuan from USA-June 16, 2014  

"I am very impressed with my experience ordering from your company. It is better than any I have had in many years. Keep up the great work, it makes a difference."Zoe J from US-June 14, 2014

"Just want to say thank you for your great product and service. This gift was sent to Japan, initially, I was quite doubted about your delivery to Japan as I know you mainly serve for China. So after I placed order with you, I was quite nervous until today when I received a call from the gift recipient telling me the order was well received and the basket content is of high quality. 
I will recommend you to my friends in Dubai."
Usamah from Dubai-April 29, 2014

"Hello there, I am the recipient of the gift basket that was delivered to me yesterday. The food are of good quality, and the presentation was also very nice. I like it!"
Susan L. from China-April 6, 2014

I just wanted to express how pleased I am with yours and Yongs Gifts responsiveness to my inquiries in order to clarify questions and follow up on the delivery.The person received the gift and everything was fine.
Thank you very much -"
Cesar from Brazil-April 1, 2014


"Thank you so much (: really good service! Will order from you again! "
Lynette G from Singapore-March 28, 2014

"Basket for her.  The gift my friend received was beautiful & a great deal for the money! Thanks."
HS from UK-Feb 16, 2014

"Wanted To Tell You I Sent My 3rd Gift With Your Company And Again I Am Satisfied Beyond Belief! I have Sent Fruit & Food And This Last Time Sent Bath & Spa And The Recipient Loved It! I'll Be Back!"
Elvina R. from US-Feb 15, 2014

"Thank you, the shipment arrived to destination and was very good quality, I will definitely order again something similar.Very satisfied with your services." 
Anurag P. from US-Feb 15, 2014

"The fruit basket and flower arrived on time. The recipient likes both. THANK YOU."
Doron S. from Isreal-Feb 4, 2014

"All the CNY hampers have been well received on time, thanks for your excellent work, you are amazing!"
Ian S. from UK-Feb 2, 2014

We have been using YONGS GIFT for the past 2 years and have found them to be very professional and reliable. Not only are we extremely happy with the quality of the products but we constantly receive great feedback from our clients who receive them. 
Bobby C from US-Jan 29, 2014

× from Shanghai, China-Jan 29, 2014



Miranda W. from Singapore-Jan 25, 2016

"I made an error on the order and provided an incorrect addresse. I was contacted promptly and your staff helpfully arranged for the hampers to be delivered correctly. The people receiving the hampers were very pleased with the contents and have contacted us with their thanks."
Lachlan S from Australia-Jan 22,2014

"My mother-in-law received her fantastic hamper on the 8th, as requested. She is delighted! Superb service and product. Many thanks!"
Kris V from US-Jan 9, 2014

"Just to say a big Thank YOU. A great company. My girlfriend lives in Beijing and I have used you before. Keep up the good work."
Sam N from Sigapore-Jan 6, 2014

  "From placing the order, thru the tracking process and delivery confirmation, to the end product's quality & content...far better than my experience with other gift dealer this year. Thank you. I would recommend you guys to my friends who need send gift to China.
Chad L. from USA-Jan 2,2014

"The receiver said the packaging was really nice! He really enjoyed the gourmet food. Delivery was on time! Hassle free transaction for someone who lives continents away. Thanks Yongs Gift! "
Leigh K. from USA-Dec 25, 2013

"To Yongs Gift Staff,

My son received the Christmas gift basket yesterday. Thank you for adding a beautiful tin of wafer rolls for free!"
Mr.& Mrs. Snedeker from USA-Dec 23, 2013

"Greetings from Canada and many, many thanks for your help. I received confirmation from my recipient that he received his gift basket and he was very impressed with it. Congratulations for having such a fine product. Your description of it gave me the confidence to send it and my friend was thrilled to receive it and share it with his family. 

I cannot thank-you enough for shepherding my order. I know you must be up to your eyebrows in orders from all over the world and you were so kind to take the time to respond to my request. I shall certainly use Yongsgift again the future as the result of your personal care. I hope you have a good rest and a lovely Christmas tide with those you love. My very best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year."
 Catherine D. from Canada-Dec 22, 2013

"Hi There,
My girlfriend received the birthday gift yesterday, thanks for the fast delivery." 
Shawn Z. from Australia-Dec 18, 2013

"I just put an order with you a few minutes ago, I hope my friend will like your product. I once sent a birthday gift to my friend lived in China through a website called***that deliver gifts internationally.. That was really a bad experience for me as the gift they delivered was completely different from what they shown and I was very embarrassed when my friend told me what’s inside. I requested them to refund me but they just rejected. After reading “The Whys” article on your website, I learned the truth about this industry. I regret I did not find you earlier. I hope you guys are different and expect a good result."
Kong J. from South Korea-Dec 16, 2013

"My boyfriend have received the beers, thanks so much, you are amazing!"
Fiona L from UK-Dec 15, 2013 

"Thanks. The recipient got the basket and wowed!"
 SYLVIA S. from USA- Dec 15, 2013

"Hi YS,

Just let you know I had received the Happy Holiday Goodies Basket this morning which actually went to myself for Christmas.. Just like others mentioned, high quality goodies, nice presentation, fast delivery. It was a test order, and I am very satisfied with your product and service, definitely will buy more in future."
Shane S. from USA-Dec 14, 2013

"After many bad experience with other gifting companies, I can safely say Yongsgift is a highly professional and best gifting company in China."
Charlton R. from Australia-Nov 28, 2013

"Fast delivery, great customer service, always respond quickly. "
Jessica W. from Canada-Nov 2, 2013


"My husband received the wine basket, a birthday gift, a few days ago, he told me the wine was excellent and he really enjoyed it, thankyou for your great product and service!"
Yuki T.from Japan-Sep 30, 2013

"Hi Yongsgift,

I am one of your satisfied customers from US. Just want to say thank you for your great product and service. I used to have a bad experience in sending present to China for my father’s 70th birthday. So this time when I was buying from you, I was still skeptical although you claimed you had a good reputation. Fortunately, this time I was not disappointed, my old dad called me on the date of Moon Festival telling me the gift basket they received was very beautiful, and the goodies are all of high quality one, most of them are well-known international brands, this really exceeded my expectation. So, thanks again! BTW,I have a small suggestion here for you: could you guys add some products containing ginseng, fish oil or  some other healthcare products?cause they are really good gifts to send to senior people. I will definitely come back whenever I want to send a gift to China."
Sun Y from California US-Sep 20, 2013

"I am often asked by my employer to send something special to a client and your baskets are the ideal gift. Everyone I have sent one too so far have given them a great review."
Brodie M. from Australia-July 28, 2013

"My mom likes your spa gift! "
Yue W. from US-June 18, 2013 

"To Whom It May Concern:

I ordered the JonniWalker Basket as a birthday gift for my Chinese partner in Beijing. It is difficult to buy a gift for a gentleman. I think I was lucky to find this gift from your web, the recipient just emailed me that he was thrilled by the gift basket. Thank you for your effort and you made sending gift to China becomes easier!"
Tony L, from Singapore-May 15, 2013

 Yang*Hui from Japan-Feb 8, 2013

 “I send baskets several times throughout the year for various corporate gifts and holidays, and other special events. Now that I have found you, I will only use your company to fill all of my gift basket needs in China. I am very impressed by your company and the one thing that I found that not a lot of other companies do is that you are flexible and can change things and accommodate any needs and/or special requests. I have used other companies in the past and they could not deviate from the look or the contents at all. Your baskets are truly original and can be filled with the wanted items instead of the premade items. I will never use another company for my baskets. You have found a satisfied lifetime customer that will be using you for Christmas gifts, birthdays, etc. from now on”
M.Teresa from Thilland-Feb 7, 2013

“The basket you designed for me helped me close a $6.5 million dollar deal! I can't thank you enough."
Tobias M from Switzerland-Feb 6, 2013 

“I used to use an international gift company to deliver gifts to our Chinese associates, but later we found you and after comparing the price and the quality of the produce, we decided to buy from you. ”
Brendan.C from Australia-Feb 6, 2013

“We have been working with Yongs Gift for years to send gifts to our large clients in China.  They do a phenomenal job! The baskets are of very high quality, service is great and they are very easy to work with. I would recommend them without hesitation for both personal and professional occasions”. 
Paul R from Australia-Feb 4, 2013

 “Yongs Gift was recommended to me by a friend about a year ago now and I have never looked back. The range of gifts they offer and the presentation has won me many compliments on the gifts I have sent. The whole process has been so easy; I will happily continue to use Yongs Gift for all my gifting needs to China and highly recommend them to anyone looking for great gifts at great prices in China! "    Vincent G from Britain-Jan 5, 2013

"Each year I trust Yongs Gift to provide my most important Chinese customers with quality Christmas Hampers and they have not let me down. With a fantastic range of Baskets to choose from at very competitive prices they make it a very easy process."
Lorna G from Australia-Dec 21, 2012 

“My nephew liked the Kid’s Basket very much, thanks for your effort”.
Mr. Nicola B from Italy-Dec 2, 2012

"I have nothing but positive things to say based on my dealings with you for the past years. Outstanding factors of Yongs Gift service are: 
You listen to my needs; 
Always reliable with prompt delivery; and
Good value for my budget.
I shall definitely be using you again for our company’s annual gift hampers and will contact you closer to Christmas. "
Ryan N from USA-Oct 16, 2012

“My son enjoyed his birthday gift very much. I will be looking to send something for the finals that will be coming shortly.”  
Tony S from US-Nov 10, 2012

"Your gifts are of much better quality and the price is also competitive, this is my first time to use your company to send gift to our Chinese business partner, I think I will use your company again in near future."
Clara W from Germany-Oct 1, 2012

"I just want to say thank you to your guys, my co-worker told me the food was delicious, the container was beautiful, he had already used the beautiful container for his home decoration now!"
Katerina S from US-Sep 5, 2012

 "Can’t imagine you used such high quality leather container to hold the fruits, the overall presentation of the Fruit Basket was very impressive, and my Chinese partner liked it very much. Will be sure to use you again."
Jason G from USA-Agust 29,2012 

“Last year I spent $195 to buy a wine gift from other company, this year I found the almost same produce in your store with 94.95. I bought it without any hesitation. Good value for money”!
Lars W from Germany-August 7, 2012

“Having been a client of Yongsgift for a couple of years now, I wanted to write and say how we value the service offered by you for our client and staff gifts.  The ideas provided have helped tremendously when we have needed to have just the right gift for a certain occasion. Of particular benefit are the range of choices offered within a fixed price limit and the flexibility of delivery options to ensure gifts arrive in time. The gifts are always extremely well presented with good quality products(and a high-end container as well!)  making them an attractive and enjoyable gift to receive. 

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Yongsgift as a committed service provider. I would not hesitate to recommend Yongsgift to any person or business wishing to send gifts to China that will delight the recipient”.
Libby H from Australia-Dec 20, 2013 

“This is my first time to order from you, and I think I will order again, your product is amazing”!
Steve S from USA-June 24, 2012 

“If you need to send a gift to China, look no further than Yongsgift, Every detail has been perfectly orchestrated, and the quality of the products is second to none”.
Colleen C from USA-June 2, 2012

“The food basket I ordered 2 days ago was well received by my daughter who is studying Chinese in Beijing University, she told me everything in the basket is delicious and of high quality, plus the presentation is amazing, the container is practical and beautiful. She already used it for storing books and magazines. Thanks for making such a wonderful gift”.
Hunter A from New Zealand-May 20, 2012

“I have been buying gifts from you since last year, this is my first time to buy flower from you. You have less flower choices than other floral shops, that’s why initially I hesitated to order flower from you. But the result turned out very good, my friend told me over the phone the flower was very beautiful and the wrapping is sophisticated, she loved it so much. Thank you, Yongs Gift”.
Masafumi Y from Japan-Feb 16, 2012

“我的大连客户今天收到了你们的葡萄酒礼篮,第一时间通知了我并谢谢我,我真要谢谢你们。客户说葡萄酒味道很好,食品也都是高档进口食品,还怪我送这么高档的礼物给他,让我破费了什么的。 我感到这次送礼效果很好,下次春节送礼肯定还找你们”。
Mr. Zheng F from Malaysia-Jan 20, 2012

“Their service is excellent. Deliveries are always on time. They deliver great yummy cakes. No defects or problems in any gifts. I would recommend Yongsgift to everyone who wants to send gifts to her loved ones in China”.
Jennifer Wong from Hongkong-Dec 24, 2011