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The  “Whys” You May Want To Know:

Why choose Yongs Gift over other shops to deliver your gifts in China?

1)  We do not use third-party to handle order, we do it ourselves. Unlike other flower shops that transfer your order to a third-party to fulfil, we make every gift baskets and most gifts ourselves in our operation center and control the overall quality while others may deliver whatever is convenient for them and in a result, the delivered gift can be totally different from what you saw. Since you never know what was delivered, the low quality products will put you in an embarrassment, if it was a business gift, it would even harm your relations with your customer or business partner.

2) 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy. Not satisfied with our products? No worry, we refund you! We provide refunds on all orders except for our fruit baskets, deliveries made to people who reject your gift, and incorrect addresses( Of course, we will contact you for correct address before we ship/deliver it). No other shops in our region can compete with us for the 100% money refund policy.

Why Choose Yongs Gift to deliver your gifts to whole East Aisa areas?

Apart from delivering in mainland China, Hong Kong,Taiwan and Macau, we also deliver quality gifts and flowers in our neighbouring countries including Japan, South Korea and Indonesia, compared with other international delivery service, we focus on gift delivery in Asia as we have our advantage of language and knowledge of the gifting custom and etiquette of these regions, our staff speaks Japanese and Korean, which enable us to choose the best vendors of good reputation to handle your every order and ensure you get best value gifts from us. Still, we provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for delivery made to these areas. high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals, so when others fail you, try us, we will make a difference.

Why some International Gift Delivery called scam? (International Gift Delivery Scam or IGDS)

These companies put false and deceiving information on the web but can’t deliver what they stated or do not deliver at all, the customers either received nothing or get a totally different item on the end, this is sad because giving gift involves people's sentiment and emotion, which deserves respect and should be handled with care by any ethical business provider. It is wise to do a little more investigation 
before making your purchase online.

Why our price is more competitive?

We are more like a manufacturer and we sell directly to you, the end-user, so no agency fee added on top of the product price.